Nick Cavaleri

Hometown: Point Pleasant.NJ
Current city: Barnegat NJ
Favorite pastime: Live Music, People-watching
Favorite sporting team: New York Jets
Favorite Genre of music: Alt/Rock/Funk
Favorite quote:
“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once and a while, you could miss it.”

“This company has the best DJ in NJ. You are truly a talented person! Everyone said that the reception was the best they had ever experienced.” “Your energy level was truly intoxicating, thank you for bringing my guests to the next level.”

What does “Professional Emcee” mean to you?

Music will always serve as a bed for what I do. I try to help create an atmosphere that will suit my clientele. My emceeing skills and constant attention to detail keep me interested in each and every event!
Each event I do is unique. I do not like to do things by the book. I would consider my self an     “ Improv Emcee”. I feed off of others energy and vibes to create balance.   I am continually looking for new ways to help others to create personal lasting memories. Hopefully my energy and personality will radiate to others in a true way. I never fake my energy or enthusiasm,for that is what separates the “ Professional Emcee” from the Hokey DJ.

Why do you do what you do?

I really enjoy it and love what I do because it is an industry that is made to create lasting memories. When I perform at a wedding there is so much anticipation and energy that is radiated to me I feel overwhelmed, I can’t get enough of it. A wedding reception creates such a positive energy and atmosphere. Every aspect of the industry is exciting. If you are a photographer, videographer or a banquet manager you help to create a day people will never forget! How could anyone chosen to be involved not enjoy it?

How do you feel about playing a major part in a ” Life -Changing” event?

I am honored and privledged. It’s dealing with people who start off as clients and we wind up have an extreme connection.This is what  I truly respect and what I am fortunate for.

I feel that a client giving me their trust to bring happiness and lasting memories to others lives is truly what drives me to be the best I can be.
Playing a major part in a life changing event comes with tremendous stress and responsibility, but being given the opportunity to facilitate peoples dreams and ideas makes it all worth it.

Is it difficult to make each event you do unique to ones personality?

When meeting with a client I give them every possibility and idea that will make their event unique to them in an energetic way. This takes a lot of getting to know a persons  interests, ideas, and backgrounds. When I provide all of these energetic outcomes  to reflect their personalities, the client is usually taken by surprise. I hear many people say; “ I never thought that could work at a wedding” I love to challenge myself and keep things new and fresh.

“ Using your ideas and our experience to create the breakthrough event of your dreams”